James' approach of delivering his information made it possible for everyone in the team to achieve their goals and expectations.That was only possible due to his wide experience on the Lean Coaching field.

My team and I had the pleasure of joining his sessions, where we walked away with valuable information and techniques that will be useful to us daily.

Thanks, James, for helping my team and I become better.

James is not only an awesome lean coach; he is also an amazing speaker, motivator, and visionary! He is a person who blows your mind, and this already after exchanging just a few words with him!

His high social, emphatic and respectful dealing with the people, I would describe the best within the formula:
Thank you, James, for inspiring me!

James is a true brand. As it is with strong brands, he condenses top performances of executives as well as teams and brings them to the fore in a credible way.
Starting with a clear vision of the future, via a transparent perspective on implementations, he derives concrete steps - call to action.
This true hands-on mentality therefore distinguishes him from many other consultants, coaches and mentors.
The methods he applies in his own way are usually applied so quickly that there is an immediate high demand, also from third parties - a real pull effect.
These methods have always been applied in our division and lead to sustainable success through enthusiastic employees.